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You can’t spell Decoded without code. And you can’t build a future without Girls Who Code.

Given that data and tech underpin Decoded’s experimentation-driven approach to creativity, it’s really in our best interest to make a good impression with the future leaders of the tech industry. But more importantly, we recognize the importance of diversity and inclusion when it comes to shaping tomorrow. With women’s representation in tech in decline, it was imperative to continue our relationship with Girls Who Code into its second year.

GWC is a national organization on a mission to close the gender gap in tech. Through clubs, summer immersion programs and community building, third graders and beyond are given the opportunity to explore and learn coding.

While we weren’t able to host any in-person field trips to the office this year, Val Nguyen, our Chief Strategy Officer, and Karen Kranack, Head of Consumer Experience, each sat on panels during the fall, sharing their experiences alongside other women from tech organizations including NewsCorp, UPS, Macy’s and KPMG.

In their panels, Karen and Val touched on just about everything: from challenges to mentorship, passion projects to advice.

If that’s piqued your interest, take a leap and check out the full panels with Karen and Val.

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